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June 16, 2017 Announcement

Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, presented my petition in the House of Commons on June 13, 2017. It was signed by Canadians in 48 cities and towns in six provinces.

This petition calls upon the Government of Canada to:

  1. Take a lead role in raising awareness about the social and health issue of barrenness in Canada and internationally by creating educative programs that explain what it is and its life-altering impacts on those affected by it.
  2. Take the steps necessary for ‘Being Human as One’, a ground-breaking ethic specific to human reproduction and that fosters treating the barren with the equality, dignity, and consideration they deserve, to be added to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To read the complete Media Release, click here.

For centuries, barrenness has been a mostly unmentionable topic, misunderstood, and obscured by silence. It has generally been analysed and explained by social scientists, medical professionals, or health organizations. While barrenness affects millions of women and men it is always a deeply personal experience. It requires someone who actually has lived with being barren to articulate the profound feelings associated with its powerful, life-altering consequences.

A work of non-fiction, my book, “Breaking the Silence of Being Barren” does this and more. Until now, there’s been a conspicuous lack of knowledge about barrenness and the ways it manifests itself in cultures and societies worldwide. I impart relevant information with the hope of eliminating archaic blind spots universally held towards those of us whose bodies are barren. And, by presenting insights based on experiences in my own life, I trust I’ll heighten the awareness about the human condition of barrenness, opening minds and expanding hearts in the process.

To learn more, I invite you to view my YouTube video.