About the Book

cropped-seed.pngWith a gentle, yet forthright approach, I impart to readers my personal experiences with:
    • My former husband’s and my path with infertility, including treatments, surgeries, and medications.  I share our innermost thoughts and feelings about the protracted struggle to create our much-wanted child.
    • The unseemly remarks and inane jokes so casually tossed our way by those unfamiliar with the notion of infertility.  Predicated on an understanding of its profound effects, I suggest ways of relating to the infertile with respect, empathy, and patience.
    • My concerted efforts to accept barrenness and to attain a renewed sense of who I was and where I may be headed with my life. By way of self-contemplation exercises that helped me to move forward, I provide practical assistance for dealing with grief, transformation, and claiming new beginnings. I also offer encouragement to those attempting to find gateways that will lead to the new lives waiting for them.
  • The barren realities which play out for me personally and for women communally. I reveal some sobering facts regarding the antiquated attitudes about them throughout the world.

I trust that each time this book is read, another soul will be comforted and another mind will be opened.