My Intentions

cropped-seed.pngWith a deeply-felt familiarity with barrenness, I’m committed to bringing this topic to light by explaining why it demands our collective, universal attention.

This necessitates our moving beyond present-day societal perceptions and preconceptions about it in order to learn to relate to barren women, men, and couples with the understanding and dignity they deserve.

Given that one in six couples worldwide experiences some sort of problem with infertility, it’s opportune to assign barrenness status as a significant health and social issue, which calls for our thoughtful consideration. I’m convinced that caring human beings, armed with the proper information, are capable of demonstrating understanding, respect, and compassion to those that are barren.

My overall intention is to put an accessible face to the condition of barrenness and serve as an emissary for those millions of women and men who have been long unrepresented – those whose bodies, not intellects and hearts, won’t produce life, a hugely important distinction to grasp.  I propose developing an innovative framework for how barrenness is approached in our communities, in our countries, and in our world.

I look forward to championing global advancement of the condition of barrenness, one worthy of a vigorous and human response from us all.