What People are Saying

“The topic you have chosen for your book is powerful and relevant to all of us in some form.”     Perth, Canada

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"Your commitment to bringing the issue of barrenness to the notice of the general population worldwide is most admirable."Cowra, Australia
"What a courageous topic you are pursuing. Given recent events in my family, this is both timely and welcome."Almonte, Canada
"You have written about a condition that affects so many people in an enormous and heart-wrenching way. I had no idea."New York City, USA
"It’s a hard topic, but an important one. There’s no need for silence."Ottawa, Canada
"Such a powerful, relatable message to people struggling. As a female I thank you for speaking out about this topic."New York City, USA
"Your presentation created a great deal of thought for me. You presented facts that would never have entered my mind. Thank you for that!"Charlottetown, Canada
"This is a profound topic that affects millions of people. I think what you are doing by writing about it from both a personal and a societal point of view is courageous, inspiring, and important."Ottawa, Canada
"Congratulations on finishing your book and choosing such a personal and devastating topic. I’m sure that it will be most welcome and purchased by many in the world who face this sad condition."Coronado, USA
"Bravo!! How brave, compassionate, and wise you are!"New York City, USA
"Choosing to share with the world something that's so fundamentally personal brings much more credibility to your goal of impacting change for this worthy social issue."Gatineau, Canada
"How wonderful to know that you're finally tearing down ages and ages of walls and barriers for the very souls who need and deserve compassion and respect. How liberating and enlightening!"Coronado, USA
"Your message is uplifting. I know your book will be a source of great healing and acceptance of coming to terms with what barrenness is, without feeling misunderstood or excluded".New York City, USA
"It is very clear that you have been impacted deeply by every experience you've had and I think it's very brave and strong of you to want to use that experience to help others."Almonte, Canada
"In a time when the modern world is full of babble about seemingly everything, I think you are cutting through to something timeless that has not been dealt with very much."Ottawa, Canada
"This will bring a great deal of compassion, insight, awareness, and light to this very real issue facing so many. Thank you for opening up."Virginia, USA
"Congratulations on your reveal. I was riveted to the video."Charlottetown, Canada
"Unlike diseases like Cancer or Parkinson's, you NEVER hear about the issue you've written about. I hope that your book changes all that and gets people to begin open and honest discussion about it."New York City, USA
"You demonstrate courage via your words and will have a profound effect on women and men across the globe. Grateful for your service."Southern California, USA
"Your personal piece of the story validates the reason for the writing and makes the whole book more valuable. Someone trying to write about a topic without experiencing it personally is always lacking something."Charlottetown, Canada
"I’m looking forward to reading your book as well as sharing it with people in my life who have been affected by infertility in different ways."New York City, USA
"Elizabeth Powers is a true leader. Her dedication to this mission is beyond inspirational and elevating for us all!"Los Angeles, USA
"As I became aware through your presentation, your topic is widespread and very intense in how it affects those who have this condition."Charlottetown, Canada
"I like that your book will go on to include helping people find paths forward. I have no doubt that you are going to make a major contribution to helping many people through this book."Ottawa, Canada
"Thanks to your efforts, more Canadians are becoming aware of barrenness and its consequences to people across Canada and around the world."Surrey, Canada
"I’m certain your book will be a comfort to men and women dealing with these same issues."Almonte, Canada
"Your book, your words, and your experiences will help so many people."Charlottetown, Canada
"Loved the video!!! Can't wait to read your book."Almonte, Canada