Who I Am

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Canadian author, advocate, and a barren woman who for more than 20 years has lived with the reality that my body is incapable of creating life.  
As such, I’m uniquely positioned to provide insights about both my six-year journey with infertility and my transition into the realm of barrenness.  Additionally, I’m able to explain the truths about being barren.


Self-effacing by nature, I’ve consistently made a conscious effort to manage my barrenness silently and without complaint.  Only on rare occasions did I have the courage to speak out about being barren. And when I did, it was obvious that mine was a lonely voice in the crowd.  Creating this book heralds a formal end to this long-held silence for me and millions of others.


As significantly, I comprehend that generally speaking for most women and men the desire to procreate resides in their DNA and the requirement to love and nurture their young is a primeval component of the human condition.  When unable to experience procreation – the most basic of nature’s rhythms – they are harshly thrown into a situation for which they are ill-prepared. With a combination of mind and heart, I’m able to shed light on this along with other emotional and psychological consequences of living with a body that happens to be barren.